2014 Executive Committee

The 13 members of CWDA's Executive Committee guide the association toward its mission, with oversight from the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee is composed of six annually elected officers, who serve along with two representatives from Los Angeles County, two representatives from California's 20 small counties, the chairs of the Fiscal and Legislative Committees, and the immediate past president. The current CWDA President chairs the Executive Committee.

Susan von Zabern, Riverside 951-358-3000
Vice President at Large  
Barry Zimmerman, Ventura 805-477-5301
Executive Officer  
Charlene Reid, Tehama 530-527-1911
Lori Cox, Alameda 510-271-9100
Vice President of Administration  
Trent Rhorer, San Francisco 415-557-6541
Vice President of Program  
Howard Himes, Napa 707-253-4279
Vice President of Services  
Kelly Woodard, Madera 559-675-7841
Los Angeles County Representatives  
Sheryl Spiller, DPSS 562-908-8400
Phillip Browning, DCFS 213-351-5602
20 Small Counties Representatives  
Eric Nielson, Lassen 530-251-8152
Elizabeth Kelly, Colusa 530-458-0250
Kathy Gallagher, Contra Costa 925-313-1500
Linda Haugan, San Bernardino 909-387-4717
Bruce Wagstaff, Santa Clara 408-755-7700
Executive Director  
Frank Mecca, CWDA 916-443-1749

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