State Legislative Priorities

CWDA State Policy Priorities

Each year, CWDA solicits input on legislative priorities from the counties and its committees. The following priorities have been adopted for the current legislative session.

  • Advocating for improvements to the child welfare system, including:
    • Reasonable workloads and caseload standards for workers in all parts of the system to allow for individualized focus on the needs of children and families.
    • Increased flexibility and funding, and enhanced use of existing funding sources, for prevention and early intervention strategies to keep families strong and children safe in their communities.
    • Increased attention to the needs of teenagers who are in the child welfare system, including supports to help them make permanent connections to adults in their lives and successfully transition to adulthood.
    • A concerted effort to recruit, support and retain resource families, including relative caregivers, foster families and adoptive parents.
  • Helping counties and the state take the next steps in welfare reform, to help families and children continue moving toward self-sufficiency.
  • Increasing participation in the Food Stamp program.
  • Simplifying the Medi-Cal program to streamline administration and improve access to health coverage for uninsured families.
  • Supporting vulnerable elder and dependent adults in order to help them live safely in their own homes
  • Identifying and resolving cases of abuse and neglect of elder and dependent adults, including financial abuse of this vulnerable population, and tracking the incidence of elder abuse and neglect in order to inform policy responses.

Chaptered & Vetoed State Legislation

At the conclusion of each legislative session, CWDA compiles a summary of state legislation of interest to the association. The report includes the chapter number of each bill signed into law by the Governor and information on bills the Governor vetoes. Complete copies of each bill can be found by visiting the California State Legislative Bill Search site maintained by Legislative Council at

2010 Chaptered & Vetoed Legislation

2009 Chaptered & Vetoed Legislation

2008 Chaptered & Vetoed Legislation

2007 Chaptered & Vetoed Legislation

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