State Legislative Priorities

CWDA State Policy Priorities

Each year, CWDA solicits input on legislative priorities from the counties and its committees. The following priorities have been adopted for the current legislative session.

  • CalWORKs Maximum Family Grant: Mitchell, SB 23
    Repeal the Maximum Family Grant (MFG) rule in the CalWORKs program, which bars babies born to families on CalWORKs from receiving any assistance. This outdated rule has had no effect on the average case size in the program since its inception in the 1990s, and only serves to push children and their families further into poverty.
  • Psychotropic Medications for Foster Children: Mitchell, SB 238
    Ensure that county child welfare agency staff have access to data, information on possible interactions and red flags, and sufficient training to enable them to better oversee the use of psychotropic medications for the foster children entrusted to their care.
  • In-Home Supportive Services Authorized Representative: Burke, AB 1436
    Enact statutory authority for IHSS recipients to designate an Authorized Representative to act on their behalf, similar to the structure that exists for Medi-Cal eligibility purposes.
  • Protective Orders for Adult Protective Services Clients: Hancock, SB 196
    Clarify existing law to ensure that county Adult Protective Services staff are able to file requests for protective orders in cases of neglect or physical or financial abuse, when the adult being served has been identified as incapacitated and a conservatorship is being sought but has not yet been obtained.

Chaptered & Vetoed State Legislation

At the conclusion of each legislative session, CWDA compiles a summary of state legislation of interest to the association. The report includes the chapter number of each bill signed into law by the Governor and information on bills the Governor vetoes. Complete copies of each bill can be found by visiting the California State Legislative Bill Search site maintained by Legislative Council at

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