Adult Services

CWDA-CSAC-CAPA Model for Coordinating IHSS with the Duals Demonstration

This document describes the counties' model for how IHSS can be coordinated with the Duals Demonstration project and was presented to the Administration in December, 2011.

Anna and Joe

Provides data on elder financial abuse and information on the role that Adult Protective Services programs play in the fight against such abuse. (Feb 2007)

A Day in the Life of Adult Protective Services II

An update to the 2004 report, which provides an extensive analysis of financial abuse and its impact on society. (April 2006)

A Day in the Life of Adult Protective Services

An unprecedented in-depth report on the calls made to Adult Protective Services in one 24-hour period.  (Sept 2004)


An overview of the adult protective services reports filed on just one day in California.

Full Report

Provides data, a synopsis of each call, and recommendations.

In-Home Supportive Services: Past, Present and Future

Discusses prior reports on IHSS, the changes and pressures in the program, and the challenges facing IHSS in the future. Provides background for the many discussions going on around the state regarding community-based long-term-care services. (June 2003)