Adult Services

IHSS Inter-County Transfer Form

This form provides for standard information when transferring and receiving IHSS cases between counties.

Adult Protective Services Consistency Guidelines

These guidelines are for voluntary use by county APS staff and have been developed by the CWDA Protective Services Operating Committee (PSOCs), a subcommittee of the CWDA Adult Services Committee. The Guidelines are intended to promote consistency in practice under a realigned APS program. Training is also available, see the link below.

Section 2.9 – APS Cross Reporting and Referral Guide (Word Version)

Section 3.1 – Template MOU between County APS and Local Long Term Care Ombudsman (Word version)

Section 3.2 – Template MOU between County APS and County Public Guardian (Word version)

APS Training on Consistency in Practice

Dynamic, interactive 60 minute online trainings (Part 1 – Introduction & Guiding Principles; Part 2 – Findings Matrix) where participants use the California APS Standards for Consistency in Determining Findings Guiding Principles and Standards Matrix to work case scenarios. These trainings are geared for APS social work professionals in California to provide clarity on what information to gather during an investigation, what is and is not important in evaluating the information, and guidance in interpreting the information.

APS Training on Framework for Determining Dependent Adult Status

In this interactive 90 minute online training, participants will utilize the Determining Dependent Adult Status Guide and Dependent Adult Definition Chart to work case scenarios. This training provides more clarity about what information to gather and guidance in interpreting it. The Framework presented will make the determination of dependency status easier and reduce the uncertainty associated with the process.